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Tisdale United Methodist Church
Thursday, March 22, 2018

Mark's Sunday School Review


Pastor Lee told a story of a man that was caught as he drove past a traffic camera. The man knew that he wasn’t speeding when he went by, so he went around the block and drove slower the next time. The camera flashed again. This frustrated and confused him, so he went around again. This time he drove really slow…the camera took his picture a third time. He determined that the camera must be broken and didn’t give it another thought. A few days later he got three traffic violations in the mail…for not wearing his seatbelt. It is easy for our thoughts about God’s rules to become replaced with our own. We may be doing good at focusing on one and forget about another.


We have spiritual, natural and manmade laws to live by. Some of these carry a bigger penalty than others. The natural law of gravity for example carries a pretty stiff penalty. Manmade laws carry fines, jail time or possibly even death. Most manmade laws (even the crazy ones) were founded in some form of sound reasoning or are based on the rules given to us by God. When we break the rules we have to pay the price. Jeremiah tells us in Chapter 31, Verses 31-34 about “A New Covenant” given us by God. This covenant is fulfilled in Jesus. God knew that no matter how hard we tried, we would fail. This is why he sent Jesus to pay our penalty for us. This is not a do anything that we want, get out of jail free card. This is a, we have to accept that payment from Jesus by acknowledging that He is God in the flesh card.


God is just and fair in His penalties. This is depicted in Lady Justice, whose attributes are a blindfold, a scale, a sword and a robe.


Scales - represent the weighing of evidence and are balanced to portray that the evidence should stand on its own.


Blindfold -  represents never favoring the strong or the weak, the rich or the poor, the righteous or the wicked.


Sword – represents authority and conveys the idea that justice can be swift and final


Robe - symbolizes the status of the philosophical attitude that embodies justice.


Man tries to be fair and just, but we are human and sometimes fall short.


The new covenant spoke of in this week’s scripture is that we don’t have to be misled by other’s interpretation of the rules, but rather we can go directly to God for them. We can learn them and know them through studying the Word with the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit.