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Tisdale United Methodist Church
Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Mark's Sunday School Review


It was a Mother’s Day message, as it should have been, considering that it was Mother’s Day. And what a great message mothering is. A mother’s love is the closest thing to Jesus’ love. It’s sacrificial. It’s unselfish.


Jesus shares his love in John 17:10-19. He is asking for the Father’s protection of those following Him. He asks for complete happiness for His followers. He asks for guidance and direction for them. He wants what’s best for them, just like a mother would. Loving them enough to be willing to die for them.


All of us should love each other with this kind of love. Remembering to focus on Christ and not be drawn into petty disagreements. Arguing and dissention between Christians is Satan’s way of distracting us from the power of love that we have in our control. We need to not be drawn apart and separated. Like the song says, “They will know we are Christians by our love.”.


You should love Christ the same way you should “Love Your Mother”. We should love those around us with this same love.


Pastor Lee told about a lady who was asked what she did for living. Her response was, “I’m a Christian secretly disguised as a an office clerk”. Normally we approach this situation in the opposite way.  We live our lives focused on everything we are other than a Christian and see our Christianity as the secret part.


I hope you are a Christian secretly disguised as…