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Tisdale United Methodist Church
Saturday, February 22, 2020

Our gym looked about like this for over 50 years
Inside view before contents were removed

The stage with front removed

Kitchen with all fixtures & part of wall removed

One big reason our gym was replaced

Kathy, Philip & Doug removing stage floor
Arlan rolling up telephone wire.

Ann & Marilyn pulling nails.

Ann and Taylor pulling nails.

Can you believe this tank was under the stage?

View of upstairs area with walls removed.

Caleb pulling nails.
Looking at upstairs framework and kitchen.
John's truck backed into old stage area.

Mark, Arlan & John stacking flooring boards.

Stacking lumber outside. Note the watery ground.

Finding a place for toilet fixtures.

Mark relaxing behind a packed storage container.

A very tired bunch after finishing removing "stuff".

Poking the tin off using an extension.
At the base of the extension is a skid loader.

Still some tin on top.
Looks like all the tin is off.

Beginning to take down a frame.

One frame about ready to lay down.

That's how they did it.
The new building arrives! First load.

Mark in the skid loader unloading the building.

Taking down another frame.

Laying it down ready for dis-assembly.

Ready to go for another one.
This is how our gym looked early, Oct. 4.

Digging up the old foundation.

More digging.

Most of the interior walls are gone here.

John's front end loader with rubble in the bucket..

Walkway across the ditch.

The old building is completely gone except for the
existing floor. It will be used in the new building.

Removing dirt in preparation for new footing.

Dedication and groundbreaking for new building.

Warren Scott breaking ground first.

Charles & Ida Finney taking their turn.

Rebar for new foundation.

Unloading concrete for footing.

Mark holding forms for water & gas lines.

Another view of the concrete unloading.

Will all that insulation go into the truck trailer?

Mark, Doug & Caleb packing it in.

Art Contreras & Arlan working with insulation.
Caleb waiting. (It all went into the truck!)

Pouring the foundation at the north end.

Mark cleaning concrete left from old walls.

Showing old slab with completed foundation.

The first of the new building. Taken Nov. 20.

Making progress.

More steel is up.
The building is really taking shape.
It's getting bigger.
You can just see the north end here on the right.
looking northwest 
This is near the south end. It's not in place yet.
corner view 
Looking southeast at the north end.
This shows the length. There's some to be added.
 They have some siding on now!
A view from the other end of the building.
The east side mostly covered with siding.
The south end covered along with both sides
View showing some front porch structure.
This picture was taken Dec. 1, 2008.
The front porch entryway structure completed.
This picture was taken Dec. 2, 2008.
The front with some siding on.
Insulation material to be under the metal roof.
Showing insulation material the west side or roof.
The front with more siding.
The west side with eaves trough & downspouts.
Much of the completed ineterior surfaces.
Mark in the front end loader & Ann
View showing filling & grading
One of the first inside walls
more walls 
Another view of new walls
These walls were built July 18, 2009
large view 
Another view of new walls looking at the 
north end of the building
raising wall 
Putting up a new wall
hammer swing 
Mark swinging a hammer
framing in north end 
Showing framing for kitchen, hallway, etc.
more framing 
Getting ready for floor beams
Doug helping with a floor beam
more beams 
More floor beams going up
  more beams 
Still more floor beams
 east stairs 
We can now go upstairs
  all installed 
Ready for flooring
  more framing 
A side view of the new framing & floor provisions
Guys on the new upstairs floor
starting wall   
Starting framing for new south upstairs wall
Bob working on west stairs
south wall 
Dave, Mark & Bill on south wall
Looking at the gym area from the upstairs
Bob & Arlan working on the west stairs
new frames 
Showing some of the new upstairs framing
complete view 
Full view of all the framing
Showing electrical outlet boxes along walls
A view showing temporary lights in the north end
The new lights before installation
Ceiling light boxes before conduits
Lee connecting ceiling light conduits
Look, some lights are up and working!
Working on a new fluorescent light
These lights are great!
Mark and Doug working on the first waferboard
getting it ready for installation on the west wall
John putting screws in to hold up the new panel
John holding drill & Doug measuring for next panel
The first partial wall is covered
View showing some FRP on part of west wall
Another view of the same wall
A view showing more of the west wall covered
Another view of the same wall 
Those same wall portions now completely covered
Another view showing completely covered wall
Installing FRP on west wall
Measuring a panel to be cut and installed
Steve and John working near the southeast corner
View showing the west and south walls
Showing the yet to be covered east wall
The first two sheet rock panels on the north wall
Measuring and trimming the next panel
Showing 3 panels of sheet rock installed
Making preparations for the last piece
Installing the last piece of sheet rock
Showing the completely covered north wall
Showing some "mudding" applied

The newly painted wall at the north end.
Getting ready for the April 29 dedication.
Getting ready for the April 29 dedication.
Jennifer and Kathy setting up the front.
Getting ready for the April 29 dedication.
View from the front.
Portable basketball goal in southwest corner.
The picture in the right frame was taken during
the April 29 dedication of "Gym south".
Thanks to Roy Graber for this photo.
Standing along with Kathy are the builders or
relatives of builders of the original building.