Tisdale Methodist Church
Thursday, June 13, 2024

Our old gymnasium 

In 1953 the people of Tisdale Methodist Church erected a round-top building.  The building housed a gymnasium and large kitchen.  

Over the years the building has seen much activity, including athletic practices and events, church and community dinners, 4-H meetings, family reunions, parties, wedding receptions, and other public gatherings.  Many happy memories were made here.  One of the most notable events was the “Little United Nations” event.  Eleanor Roosevelt was among those who came to present the program.

Time and weather have taken their toll.  A problem of leaking that could not seem to be stopped, even though valiant efforts were made, eventually made the building unusable because of moisture and mold. Something had to be done. But,what?   Several years of decision making and planning have taken place.  A committee was formed to lead the church in a building program.

As a result of the work of this committee a vote was taken and a new building was planned.  In August a group of people began taking out anything on the inside of the gym that was possibly re-usable.  Then in September a demolition crew came in to begin taking down the shell of the building.  Demolition was complete about the last of October, 2008.  

On Friday, September 26, the first load of steel for the new building was delivered and unloaded on the site.  The people of Tisdale United Methodist Church eagerly await the erection of a new building, which will house a gymnasium, kitchen, restrooms, and eventually classrooms. 

The picture below of the old gym groundbreaking was loaned by the late Ruth Scott, a member of our church for many years.

Manning the shovel is Rev. S. Ben Finley, pastor of our church at the time the old gym was built

We are still working on our new building but we still have more to do. For all practical purpose it is finished. We have finished the kitchen so we can better serve dinners, etc. As of this date, June 26, 2019 we are in the process of installing a permanent sound system. We have already hosted many events, both church and community in the gym.